ActionSA vows to fix South Africa

ActionSA launched their first national election manifesto on March 23, 2024, at Johannesburg’s Ellis Park Indoor Arena. Party leader Herman Mashaba says their mission is to usher in a new era of hope and prosperity for the people of South Africa.

Mr. Mashaba says in 2020, millions of South Africans joined in launching ActionSA because they wanted a credible, nonracial alternative to the failed political establishment.”

Mashaba further cites that the manifesto isn’t a long list of populist promises and unrealistic commitments; it is a vision of what is possible under an ethical and competent government and forms a pragmatic and implementable plan to fix South Africa by addressing the greatest challenges facing our people.

ActionSA will prioritise five key areas. 

  1. Within five years of government, we will launch programmes that will result in the private sector creating 4.8 million new real jobs.
  2. We will end load-shedding within two years.
  3. We will ensure economic inclusion and economic justice by implementing inclusive economic empowerment, a universal basic income stimulus, and a programme of insourcing.
  4. We will restore the rule of law, stamp out corruption, and fight the scourge of drug abuse and gender-based violence.
  5. We will secure our borders and prioritise South Africa’s interests by bringing an end to the inflow of illicit goods into the country while streamlining legal immigration.

The ActionSA president explains that an ActionSA government will take action to implement programmes, which will lead to the private sector creating at least 4.8 million jobs by 2029. Earlier this month, Herman unveiled ActionSA’s nine-point plan to end loadshedding, stabilise energy provision, and introduce competition into our electricity market alongside a streamlined Eskom.

Under ActionSA, the government’s policy will introduce the Economic Empowerment Act, or IEE, which includes the establishment of an opportunity fund as an alternative to failed current government policies that have worsened inequality. The Opportunity Fund will be used to invest in programmes that will ensure equality of opportunity as opposed to equality of outcome. It will also invest in tertiary education funding, entrepreneurial stimulus, and infrastructure investment.

Mr. Mashaba cites ActionSA, which will professionalise the police force and re-establish its independence by hiring career policemen over politicians to lead the service. It will launch a recruitment drive to expand the police force and implement strict physical condition requirements for entering the police service. 

Political analyst Dr. Embrahim Harvey says he supports a lot of what was on the agenda; however, it is unrealistic to seek 4.8 million jobs created in five years of private sector leadership, especially at a time when we have the worst jobless crises in post-apartheid South Africa. It is a pie in the sky. How is he going to achieve that?”

Dr. Embrahim continues to cite that the stand that it took against black economic empowerment is very interesting given where he (Herman) comes from. 

Members of the public shared their views on the manifesto launch. One member said, “I am concerned about the turnout of the white population at this event, especially in light of the fact that they are well represented in the executive and party lists. Either white people don’t want to come to the event, or the events are to show funders that Africans follow you.”

Another member said, “Congratulations, sir. So far, your manifesto is the best of all that we have heard and is convincing.”

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