Castle Milk Stout has scooped up the prestigious 2023 Gold Monde Award for its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and taste to beer enthusiasts. Three has proven to be quite the charm for South Africa’s Premier Stout, as they had previously been recipients of a gold in 2022 and a grand gold in 2021.

The Monde Award is a highly respected accolade in the beverage industry, awarded to products that display top quality in taste, odor, visual appeal, and packaging and are a benchmark for any quality products across the globe. The recognition that comes with being awarded by the international quality institute reiterates the commitment by the brand to continue brewing quality beer that can be savored by consumers across Africa and meets international standards.

Castle Milk Stout has a rich history of quality and craftsmanship, with each beer produced reflecting the passion and expertise of its brewers. This commitment to quality has made Castle Milk Stout a beloved choice for beer enthusiasts and a benchmark for the industry, which has been savored by palates since 1939. This remarkable achievement underscores the brand’s continued dedication to the art of brewing and its relentless pursuit of excellence. The Monde Award is a testament to the brand’s consistency in producing exceptional beer that has garnered a dedicated following.

“While the Castle Milk Stout brand is a renowned name in the beer industry, known for its unwavering commitment to the preservation and celebration of African culture, so is our signature dark, velvety Stout brewed deep within our heritage. Richness is passed down through generations. Our distinct, rich, smooth, silky, dark roasted malt, caramel, and lactose give the beer a rich, complex symphony of smokey, toasted, and roasted flavors, giving the beer a smooth and full-bodied taste to savor and enjoy chilled. Born an age before, mastered over decades, for our consumers to savor today”, said Castle Milk Stout Marketing Manager Khwezi Vika.

The esteemed panel of expert judges at the Monde Awards takes their time to analyze each product individually, making sure that the winning products are on par with international beer standards.

The award couldn’t have come at a better time, as beer lovers across the globe celebrate International Stout Day on November 2, 2023. “While sticking to our famous recipe, it is also important to continuously deliver on our brand promise by making sure we stick to quality ingredients and brew a beer that does not compromise on quality and great taste. We are delighted to have once again won gold at the prestigious Monde Awards, as this is a great achievement for both the brand and our consumers. The award complements our recent decision to refresh our product packaging, while it still has the same award-winning taste,”, Vika continued.

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