Just a few days ago, on November 21, 2023, to be exact, a well-known gang leader and kingpin was gunned down. An apparent assassination. He ruled most of Westbury with an iron fist; the community feared him; the Varados respected him as their leader. His death has sparked rumors of vengeance and rival wars
I stand before you with a heavy heart. The heart exactly bleeds and pumps blood that has the same color no matter how it gets shed. No blood is redder than the other one. It has already been over 30 days since Hamas attacked the Israeli occupation of the Gaza region. When my mind serves me correctly and well, this has been happening for over seven decades now. I am talking about the Israeli occupation of the Gaza region.
Dumelang Readers and everyone. I am back after a long layoff as a results of my examinations and lack of creativity.  After the first weekend of the November 2023 I read and witnessed so many things that were really funny, skeptical, surprising and very sporty
Within a year from now, the course of South African history will take a decisive turn. The The prospect of coalition governance at a national level means that the stakes in 2024 are high. general election is high, Just how high is something every South African needs to grasp?
Goedemorgen, I am back again this time around I am heading to the world’s headquarters of the International Justice System.
It has been years since the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) had the leadership at National level. For the past eight-years the Youth League had the Task team to lead it beside the North-West Colin Maile who I cannot write much about his leadership
This is to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters a happy, healthy, progressive, promotional and prosperous Eld-ul-Fitr celebration. It’s easy to be stuck in your comfort zone. Work, the workforce and the workplace are changing. It’s the era of Skills. Many are experiencing the significant changes of technological progress and its impact on their […]
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Soweto Tourism has unveiled its inaugural awards ceremony, a highly anticipated index of the most influential figures working across tourism sector. The elite of the tourism industry in Soweto will assemble at the Soweto theatre on February 03, to find out who amongst them willbe crowned best of the best. In an interview with the […]
Guardian Report Soweto
Public Opinions! Prepare for the Future of Work Book Series with Baptista: Is South Africa prepared and ready for the Future of Work? How would work be for us all in the future? What will be the future role of our businesses in South Africa and the rest of Africa? What do you think could […]

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