Ekurhuleni Mayor Tania Campbell establishes task team

Ekurhuleni mayor Tania Campbell was reinstated on Tuesday 8 November 2022 as she received 124 out of 224 votes to return to office. Campbell was voted out through a motion of no confidence just a month ago. The motion was brought by the African National Congress caucus in the metros it accused Campbell’s administration of destabilizing the city.

Campbell’s administration was faced with mounting challenges that decreased her popularity in the city. Service delivery was at the center of the protest that threatened governance in Ekurhuleni. Residence of Ekurhuleni voiced their frustration due to lack of service delivery, before Campbell become mayor the city had service delivery challenges, which were left unattended.

In the media statement released by the mayor’s office, the statement cites that Campbell established a task team that will focus on waste collection and to investigate what went wrong in the department that lead to the collapse of the city.

Ekurhuleni Metro spokeperson Zweli Dlamini says that the backlog created in the affected areas will be cleared by the weekend and the municipality has set a clear target to normalize the situation between 7 to 14 days. He further cites that Faith Wotshela head of the Department for Environmental Resources and Waste Management was placed under special leave for administrative decision and not politically to allow the task team to investigate the operation of waste management service.

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