Embattled former ANC Secretary General gets the boot.

After months of drama and turmoil, the beleaguered former ANC Secretary General, Ace Magashule, has been shown the door.

The National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) confirmed Magashule’s expulsion from the party, saying the committee met to deliberate on charges preferred against its former Secretary General, comrade Ace Magashule.

The NDC says they found Magashule guilty of contravening certain rules of the ANC constitution.

“After a guilty verdict by the NDC, comrade Ace Magashule was allowed to show cause why he should not be expelled from the ANC.”

The committee added that Magashule has not made any representations and that the seven days given to him have lapsed.

“Consequently, the NDC confirmed the expulsion of comrade Ace Magashule from the ANC as a final sanction.”

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