Kliptown residents are without Identification Documents for 10 months now thanks to the Department of Horror Affairs.

For South Africans obtaining an ID is a long and frustrating process, the Home Affairs Department under the acting Gauteng Provincial Manager Mr. Albert Matsaung failed to assist Kliptown residents whose ID’s were burnt 10 months ago when a fire broke out in Kliptown in October 2022, leaving 70 families in ruins.

In February 2023 Guardian Report contacted Mr. Matsaung on allegations that emails were sent to him detailing the assistance people need and that mobile vans be dispatched to Kliptown to help people apply for ID’s. He denied those allegations. A decision was made to give Mr. Matsaung the contact details of a community leader to get intimate information about how the department would assist. Six months down the line the Provincial Manager did nothing to assist those who needed ID’s.

The Kliptown community leader said “the Provincial manager called him just to confirm his contact details and added that he will contact him later.” That was six months ago.

The community leader added that people are suffering without their ID’s, it is difficult for them to even apply for a job in these tough economic times. He further cites that others went to Home Affairs to get temporal ID’s that expire after 3 months.

Gauteng Home Affairs said “the mobile manager indicated that Mr. Ndwandwe who attended the incident in October 2022 at Kliptown will give an update as he has compiled a report on the matter.” The Gauteng Home Affairs continue to cite that they will follow up with Mr. Peter Ndwandwe.

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