Kliptown’s fire victims left stranded by Home Affairs  

The Department of Home Affairs values are “People centered and caring.” That’s not the case in Kliptown southwest Johannesburg, where residents have been waiting since last October for an identity document and birth certificate that burned down along with all their belongings.

A fire broke out in Kliptown in October 2022, leaving 70 families in ruins. It’s believed that drunken stupor caused the fire, which killed two people. A task force was formed to help the families who watched their livelihoods burn.

Home Affairs officials went to the visit the community center in Kliptown where victims were temporarily housed, recorded the necessary information and promised to help those affected.

Our source indicates that in November 2022 and the first week of January 2023, a request for exemptions was submitted to the Home Affairs Provincial Manager for a mobile truck to assist in reissuing identification documents and birth certificates for minors.

We spoke to the Provincial Manager and he asked if there were any requests that had been made This indicates that the team that was on the ground didn’t communicate with the provincial head.
Community leaders say, “The government has failed the people, it’s been four months and we still don’t have ID’s and a birth certificate.” One resident even said, “How am I going to find a job when I dont have an ID.”

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