Nampak and Woodlands Dairy launch SA’s first tethered cap carton

Nampak Liquid Cartons, together with Woodlands Dairy, have launched the first tethered cap carton in South Africa.

Developed in response to decreasing plastic pollution, the new design will help prevent the cap from being separated from the carton during its post-consumer journey to be recycled. 
“Brands are always looking for new ways that they can make a sustainable difference when it comes to their products and operations,” says Raymond Dube of Nampak Liquid Cartons. “Opting for packaging that is sustainable and ensures the quality of a product’s contents is one of the ways brands can have an impact.”

Woodlands Dairy will be the first company to introduce the tethered cap design in South Africa. Designed by Swiss-based packaging company Svalinn, the tethered cap was created with both the environment and consumers in mind. Research from Capgemini found that more than half of people have an emotional connection with brands that are sustainable, with 64% saying that buying more sustainable products makes them happy.

 When considering the functionality of packaging, research conducted by Carnelley Rangecroft Consultancy for Nampak Liquid Cartons found that 90% of South Africans would opt for a carton with a cap as opposed to one without. The need for a functional tethered cap design that allows shoppers to close a beverage to be stored and consumed at a later date was also preferred. 

“Consumers and their buying power are driving change. It’s therefore important that we not only supply them with products that meet these consumer demands but also consider how we can reduce the impact of packaging waste,” says Marisa Maccaferri of Woodlands Dairy. “We’re fortunate enough to work with a packaging partner like Nampak Liquid Cartons that is considering these trends and ensuring they can deliver on the promise of a packaging solution that ticks the boxes for sustainability, quality, and food safety.”

Woodlands Dairy will introduce the tethered cap carton for its 2-litre milk cartons in March. Consumers can expect to see the new cartons on the shelf by the end of the month. Nampak Liquid Cartons, a division of Nampak Limited, manufactures the unique Conipak carton as well as a wide range of Pure-Pak® cartons, under licence from Elopak of Norway. The cartons are 100% recyclable, renewable, and offer a sustainable alternative to other packaging, such as plastic. 

Nampak Liquid Cartons picked up two Gold Medals at the 2020 Institute of Packaging South Africa’s Gold Pack Awards for its development of the SPAR two-litre Pure-Pak® milk carton in the Best in Beverages: Non-Alcoholic Packaging category, as well as in the Best in Paper Packaging category. The division also won a silver medal at the 2022 Awards for its development of the SEAM Pure-Pak® Coffee Carton, while in 2023, the Boxy Water 500ml PurePak Water Carton was recognised as a finalist in the Beverages Non-Alcoholic category.

Clients are largely beverage producers, particularly in the dairy, fruit juice, and sorghum beer markets. The cartons are now also being used to package water, coffee beans, rice, sugar, and bird seed.

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