Pageant finalist gears up for grand finale.

Your destiny can be delayed, but never denied. Those are the words uttered by Maureen Dibakwane in her quest for the coveted Mrs. Soweto title.

Tears and tiaras will be guaranteed at the grand finale of the pageant, in which a Meadowlands-born woman will hope to make her mark. With less than a week to go before the crowning, Maureen is putting the final touches to her preparation and says she is ready to embark on the new journey.

The Mrs. Soweto pageant aims to acknowledge and remember the rich heritage of the biggest township in the southern hemisphere.

The 49-year-old remains among the predicated favorites to win the crown despite stiff competition from her counterparts.

A proud mother of four will be hoping that experience counts, as this is not the first beauty pageant that she has participated in.

Her fondness for pageants originally emerged at an early age. Maureen’s impressive resume includes working for the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD). Never wanting to rest on her laurels, she hopes to assist drug addicts that society labels as bo-nyaope by educating and helping them recover from addiction.

At the finale night, the finalists will go through three rounds: cocktail dress, speech competition, and evening gown. After these rounds, the jury crowns the winner at the coronation ceremony.

Mrs. Soweto 2023 will drive a Renault Kiger for the year of her reign. This year’s batch boasts stunning yet talented beauties who have shown tremendous potential to win the crown.

The highly anticipated black-tie gala event is scheduled for August 12 at the Soweto Theatre in Jabulani.

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