Patriotic Alliance Councilor allegedly assaulted Eldorado Park resident

Ons Baiza, nie loosely translated, as we’re scared of nothing, was on full display when Channon Lecodey Merricks was allegedly assaulted on his property on November 17 at Eldorado Park by the Patriotic Alliance, councilor Juwairaya Kaldine, and 24 other suspects.

According to Mr. Merricks, three cars were parked outside the property, and he noticed the person in the vehicle was Juwairiya Kaldine, the Patriotic Alliance councilor of Ward 18. Upon entering the residential property, Mrs. Kaldine and 24 other PA members rushed into the property.

Merricks alleges that he was subjected to physical assault, with Kaldine kicking him in his private parts and another PA member pointing a firearm at him. He also claims that he was struck with a sjambok, a type of whip, causing internal injuries.

Merricks further alleges that the PA members attempted to steal his cellphone in an effort to destroy a recording he had made at a previous public event involving PA members. He claims that the PA members accused him of using social media to damage the reputations of PA leaders.

The ANC Youth League of Eldorado Park wrote to the Chief Whip of Council in Greater Johannesburg, requesting Councilor Juwairaya Kaldine to step aside until the law takes its course and she is cleared of all wrongdoings, as it is assumed she is innocent until proven guilty.

Delron Andrews, Chairperson of the ANC Youth League in Eldorado Park, says the behavior is appalling and a disgrace for a member serving in Council, furthermore bringing the Office of Council into disrepute.

Delron continues to cite that they viewed the video circulating on social media, and you could clearly see that she (Councilor Kaldine) was in the video.

A media statement was released by Councilor Peter Rafferty, Chief Whip for the Patriotic Alliance in the City of Johannesburg, stating that at no point did Councilor Kaldine touch Mr. Merricks feature states that on the video, you will see that Juwairaya was trying to stop what was happening.

Mr. Rafferty cites that Mr. Merricks assaulted Councilor Kaldine, and her brother retaliated. A case was opened on November 17, 2023.

Mr. Merricks spoke to us and told us that the case opened by PA was thrown out.

Mr. Rafferty, responding to the call made by the ANC Youth League asking for Councilor Kaldine to step aside, said, “This will never happen as she is innocent.

The criminal case has been opened against the councilor and her counterparts in the video.

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It is imperative that any individual, whether in a corporate or government position, accused of wrongdoing, steps down until proven innocent. The councillor’s behavior during a video celebrating their 10th year in office clearly indicates a disregard for the law. Furthermore, her voicenote message criticizing her leaders suggests that she considers herself above reproach. Such actions are unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.

Xolani Baloyi

As a leader one should always lead by example, however they are allegation that she was assaulted, do you mind sharing the voicenote messages.

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