Post Office to lay off thousands of employees 

The South African post office has sent retrenchment notices to 4700 employees as part of its ongoing restructuring exercise.

In an interview with the publication, business rescue practitioners Anoosh Rooplal spokesperson Louise Brugman stated that the retrenchment process as determined by the Labour Relations Act was facilitated by the CCMA. 

“The obligatory 60-day process was extended as further negotiations and input between the Employee Committee, the relevant unions, and the Post Office were deemed appropriate, added Brugman.

Brugman further indicated that it was agreed that retrenchment payments would take place over 8 months in 4 tranches. “Some 4700 retrenchment letters have been issued to staff to date.”

Citing ongoing negotiations with the union, the company declined to give a figure for how much cash it could save by cutting staff.

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