Putco bus touched in Eldorado park

According to Putco media liaison manager Lindokuhle Xulu, a group of unknown assailants pelted the bus with stones, causing fractures in the windshield glass and wounding the driver.

“The trend of stoning, hijacking, and arson against our buses when communities protest is longstanding. Often, residents frustrated by service delivery issues use these means to demonstrate their disgruntlement”.

“In addition to being criminals, they are disrupting one of the few remaining affordable transportation systems that our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers rely on to access and sustain their livelihoods. When a bus is out of service for repairs, 65 people will be left without transportation for a few days”, said Xulu.

Xulu added that the company’s concern is also for their bus drivers, who sustain life-threatening injuries when attacked.

Putco called on law enforcement authorities to assist in bringing perpetrators to book. “We also call upon communities to report and guard against criminal elements that seek to undermine the livelihoods of other community members in this manner”, concluded Xulu.

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