The 2024 SASKO Siyasizana Play Better initiative kicked off with a bang, with SASKO committing to changing the lives of more than five million South African children in early childhood development centres and Primary schools by 2030, with their Play Better campaign.

The renowned programme advocating for Positive Play on children is delighted to unveil the recipients of its esteemed SASKO Siyasizana ” Positive Play ” campaign.

The campaign designed to enhance children’s cognitive development through positive play by erecting educational and recreational facilities for children in underserved communities has identified several deserving Early Childhood Development Centres as well as Primary Schools across the country to benefit from its support.

The following Gauteng and Eastern Cape schools have been selected as the Q1 2024 beneficiaries of the SASKO Siyasizana “Positive Play” campaign:

Kiddies Learning Space

Divine Angels Daycare Centre

Happy Feet ECD

De Vos Malan Primary School

Little Hearts Early Learning Centre

Legora Primary School

Each one of these schools plays a pivotal role in shaping the futures of children within their communities. Through the ” Positive Play” campaign, SASKO Siyasizana aims to provide them with the resources necessary to create enriching environments conducive to learning and play.

“We are thrilled to announce the SASKO Siyasizana 2024 Q1 beneficiaries of our ‘Positive Play’ campaign,” said Nomawethu Ngadlela, Marketing Manager at SASKO. “These institutions embody the spirit of resilience and dedication to nurturing the potential of our children. By supporting them, we are investing in the future prosperity of our communities.”

The “Play Better” campaign reflects SASKO Siyasizana’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and empowering future generations. By investing in education and recreation, the organization aims to create a brighter tomorrow for children across South Africa.

The brand officially kicked off its playground handovers on the 15 March 2024 Leading by example and putting care into action, SASKO has reiterated the importance of living their ‘People Who Care Make Things Better” slogan. The Playground handovers are a tool aimed at raising awareness about the importance of positive play and its benefits for children in communities especially the underprivileged ones with limited access to play areas.

To participate, consumers must purchase any SASKO bread, buns, or rolls, scan the QR code or WhatsApp us on 068 746 2356 and nominate a primary school or day-care to receive an R10 000 playground upgrade and you could also stand to win R5000 in cash. Ts and Cs apply. SASKO. People Who Care Make Things Better.

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