Soweto Marathon brings out tens of thousands of athletes, for an unforgettable day

Scores of athletes and enthusiastic runners from South Africa and across the globe pounded through the township streets for the 28th annual Soweto marathon on Sunday.

The race began around 5:30 a.m. at FNB Stadium as runners got to view the various sights of the township while striving to cross the finish line.

Hundreds of Metro police, security officers, and volunteers patrolled Soweto’s streets to ensure public safety and direct traffic during the race, which concluded in the early afternoon.

The event brought together runners of diverse ages and backgrounds, transforming the township’s streets into a vibrant display of determination and unity.

The winner of the men’s 42.2km marathon was Soweto native Ntsindiso Mphakathi, with a time of 2:19:13. Mphakathi finished almost one minute ahead of second-placed Dada Ifa Debele. In the women’s category, four-time champion Irvette Van Zyl defended her title with a time of 2:34:16.

For the half marathon men, it was Kamohelo Mofolo (Maxed Elite Lesotho) in first in 1:08:04, and Tisetso Mokhoma (Vuselela) in second with a time of 1:08:28.

For the women’s half, it was Rutendo Nyahora (Hollywood Athletics Club) who took the win in 1:18:15, with Lebo Phalula (Boxer Athletics Club) second in 1:18:58.

In the 10km men’s race, it was Tebello Ramakogoana (XCEL Running Club) who crossed the finish line first in 0:29:21, followed in a time of 0:31:04 by Desmond Pheeha Mokqobu.

For the 10km ladies, it was Cacisile Sosibo of Boxer Athletics Club who finished in 0:34:00. Hot on her heals was Nwabisa Mjoli (Phantane Athletics Club), finishing in 0:37:37.

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