Teams gear up for community games

Twenty-four teams are gearing up for the first edition of the Gauteng Community Games Cup. The one-day tournament, featuring 24 teams in three categories: goldies (gogos), masters, and open group, was officially launched during a spectacular ceremony at the Johannesburg stadium on Tuesday, February 13 in Johannesburg. 

The upcoming Gauteng Community Games Championship will mark the end of the community games series that started during the festive and Easter seasons of 2022.

While the games are about the battle in the field,they are also about promoting talent identification, bringing people together, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and addressing social ills through sport.

In October 2023, each corridor conducted its own selection process to identify the winners who would represent their respective corridors in the championships this year. Community members with a shared interest in sport coordinate these games to promote active participation, healthy lifestyles, social cohesion, and nation-building.

The games will take place on Saturday, February 17th, at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus.

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