The 10th anniversary of EFF: A birthday celebration like no other

Gauteng was awash with red and white on Saturday as thousands gathered for the biggest party celebration in decades as days of jubilee continued at the FNB stadium.

An abundance of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) outfits and flags were on display as crowds gathered at the fully packed Soccer City stadium in Nasrec to watch the historic occasion as the party celebrated its 10th birthday anniversary.

The sun was shining, and spirits were high among the crowds as staunch supporters chatted and joked with security forces maintaining the perimeter. Several handmade signs hung over the barriers, with one simply saying “Malema for Presidency “.

Some have even traveled in from as far and wide as Durban, Cape Town, and Mpumalanga specially for the historic event, while others flocked from the Northwest, Northern Cape, and Limpopo to soak in the momentous occasion.

As the program of the day got underway, crowds cheered and clapped as Malema and other EFF dignitaries made their way to the FNB stadium. And even a bigger cheer erupted when a beaming Malema waved to the crowd.

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