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In a world where fashion often mirrors the cultures and stories of its origin, Kennedy L. Kamenga’s clothing brand, No Limit, stands out as a vibrant celebration of Africa and its rich cultural heritage. Today, we sit down with Kennedy Kamenga to explore his journey, inspirations, and insights into the world of fashion entrepreneurship.
Milton Berle said, “If opportunities don’t knock, build a door.” That’s what Peter Motselela, the founder of Pido’s Takkie Wash in Chiawelo, did after he lost his job in 2017. 
In an era where adaptability and innovation reign supreme, the intersection of business and sport emerges as a dynamic scene for leadership development.
As the competition for the country’s beauty consumers heats up, AL-AZMEL has joined the race to launch a customer and service provider booking app that provides access to a beauty commerce and personal care business network.
The Soweto United E-hailing Association held a meeting on October 10, 2023, for E-hailing drivers and their counterparts and alliances to officially launch “SUEA” in formalization and as a recognized organization representing drivers and owners affiliated with the industry.
The African continent finds itself facing a plethora of challenges, and unemployment is Africa’s biggest challenge, affecting young people in their majority. Startup Business Campus has announced itself as Africa’s premier super-hub for entrepreneurs, enablers, and investors.
In this ever-changing, technologically charged, and fast-paced world we are living in, effective communication is paramount, especially in cross-cultural interactions. Language barriers have long been a challenge, hindering seamless understanding between people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Fortunately, there’s a solution: ChatGPT, which is revolutionizing global communication by breaking down these language barriers.
Dr. Umar Johnson says we need to encourage African entrepreneurship because without black entrepreneurship, our people will have no way to feed themselves.
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Printing company deducts wages due to loadshedding Written By Xolani Baloyi It’s alleged that Atomic Branding, a Johannesburg-based printing company, deducts wages from employees during power outages. Load shedding was introduced in South Africa more than a decade ago, crippling the economy and bringing the labour market to its knees. According to studies, the economy […]
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