Chatting Data-less with SoftMeet

Imagine chatting for free, Let alone making video calls for free. Lebogang Maloisane an entrepreneur from North West Province in South Africa created a chatting platform called SoftMeet that put’s the data headache to rest.

SoftMeet is a dataless communication platform that offers encrypted instant text messaging, chats, audio and video calls that allow users to meet online through the use of mobile App, and it is available in 11 countries.

Mr Maloisane says South Africa is trailing behind in technology, as a result he joined the IT world after matriculating in Klerksdorp Secondary School, to play his part and make a mark in the IT sector.

Entrepreneurship is all about creating a solution to a problem that exists, and the data cost in South Africa makes it costly to communicate. Lebogang cites “Data is expensive in South Africa and people communicate daily using the internet, as a result lower income earners cannot afford data”. According to South Africa is ranked at number 135 out of 233 countries with an average cost of R37 for 1GB.

What do you get from SoftMeet?

  • Instant text messaging & chat
  • Group chat with up to 1000 people in one group
  • Voice and video calling

More features will be added by the end of January 2023, users will be able to communicate with their
respective banks in real time, and be able to search for schools in South Africa and communicate with
the school using SoftMeet AI chatbot. As a SoftMeet user you’ll be able to create your CV using chatbot, pay bills and buy airtime using paybill tab.

The platform works with all network providers and you can download the App on Goggle play store and
Apple store.

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