Eskom to switch off electricity in Emdeni Soweto

Soweto owes Eskom 5 billion rands President Cyril Ramaphosa and Guateng Premier Panyaza Lesufi suggested that Eskom scrap Soweto debt however Eskom will switch off electricity supply
to Emndeni in Soweto due to high energy losses in the feeder that supplies electricity to mndeni. The electricity will be cut off in the next 14 days.

A Newsletter for Eskom customers titled “Connect” was circulating social media detailing Eskom’s plan to cut off electricity and how payments should be made, according to the information on the poster Eskom recovery plan is to reduce operational cost, curb losses and
collect revenue for services rendered.

Eskom continues to cite that all feeders with losses above 60% are at risk of failing this indicates non-payment and illegal activities through meter tampering.

Emndesi’s ward 57 councilor Thapelo said “we are not happy about this, we requested a meeting with Eskom because few weeks ago at the councilor’s forum something of this nature was hinted, but we were informed that consultations will be made, that Eskom will come back
and inform us and have their media briefing or public meeting to inform the community.”

The councilor continues to cite that “they were shocked when they saw the Newsletter circulating in social media.”

Gauteng Eskom Spokesperson Amanda Qithi said “they were community meetings on this issue, subsequent to that this is the communique (newsletter) to officially say that this is what’s going
to happen.”

The spokesperson continues to cite that “not everyone who is connected to the feeder will be issued with the remedial charge of R6 052.60, if you haven’t bypassed the system or purchasing
electricity token from illegal venders you won’t get a charge sheet.”

According to our source the community of Emndeni are still waiting for Eskom to come through, the only thing they were doing was telling councilors their plans.

The newsletter explains that customers who cannot afford to pay the R6 052.60 upfront can enter into Differed Payment Arrangement with Eskom, an initial R500 payment has to be made and the balance should be paid over a maximum period of six months, 60% of customers who
have been issued with remedial charge must have made the upfront payment of R500 before supply can be restored.

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