Fostering Joy, Independence, and Dignity for Individuals in Need

ITHUBA, the proud operator of the National Lottery, embarked on the inaugural leg of a nationwide journey in a heartwarming initiative that began in Gauteng in December 2023, then extended through to the Free State and Eastern Cape. 

Infusing the holiday season with joy, they brought forth a spirit of generosity, gifting new homes to deserving beneficiaries well before Christmas. 

This undertaking marked the inception of a transformative project aimed at brightening lives and creating lasting impact across South Africa.

Fostering joy, independence, and dignity remains at the core of ITHUBA’s commitment to changing lives. 

In 2024, ITHUBA will remain dedicated to its mission of giving back to the community by providing more deserving families with houses they can proudly call home. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to making a real difference in the lives of those we reach.

Since 2015, ITHUBA, South Africa’s flagship national lottery operator, has been deeply committed to embodying the principles of Ubuntu and actively contributing to the social and economic growth of the country. Our efforts extend beyond lottery operations, as we continuously engage in localized projects, reinforcing our dedication to driving meaningful change and nurturing community development.

Last year, a few beneficiaries, like Dineo Sithole, a single mom in Johannesburg North, expressed relief and joy as she received a home that catered to her unique, differently abled needs, providing her children with a place to call their own. In Koppies, Free State, 84-year-old Letia Dijane, residing in a three-roomed informal shack for 40 years, welcomed the gift of a new home, ensuring shelter for future generations. 

The Ngxilwana family in the Eastern Cape, living in a leaking shack since 2018, received their first brick home, signifying an improvement in their living conditions.

As we enter this year, ITHUBA encourages all South Africans to pay it forward in any way possible. CEO Charmaine Mabuza emphasizes the power of individual impact, urging fellow South Africans to identify causes close to their hearts and get involved with local initiatives or established organizations.

Reflecting on the success of the ongoing housing project focused on transforming differently-abled individuals, ITHUBA is not stopping here. Through the ethos of Ubuntu, they will continue giving back to additional beneficiaries, with a mission to create a lasting impact in communities. 

Join them in the upcoming weeks as they initiate another round of home giveaways in their latest life-changing initiative. 

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