Fraudulent money making scheme in Eldorado Park Home Affairs

It’s alleged that the Department of Home Affairs in Eldorado Park on the Southern boundary of Soweto is involved in fraudulent activities and lack of services by giving priority to foreign nationals over South African citizens. Residents of Eldorado Park have expressed concern about the activities of the Department of Home Affairs.

Our source alleges that foreign nationals are coming to the Department of Home Affairs to engage in fraudulent activities with Home Affairs officials under the pretext of applying for permanent residency. It’s alleged that Home Affairs Security cluster in Randburg, northwest of Johannesburg, escort foreign nationals to the Home Affairs Department, upon arrival the officer uses the officer’s user number in Eldorado Park and it’s alleged that a payment of R1500 is made. Home Affairs in Eldorado Park aren’t trained to deal with immigration and cannot distinguish between real and fake documents.

Home Affairs spokesman in Gauteng, Siya Qoza, didn’t respond to the questions we asked him, but said, Permanent residency permits aren’t issued in our offices. He promised to call us back, but didn’t do so.

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