Linda Zwane embarks on the Mrs. Soweto journey. 
Linda Zwane

As the grand finale of the 2024 Mrs. Soweto fast approaches, Linda Zwane, a proud resident of Mofolo in Soweto, has scored herself a place in the finals of the Mrs. Soweto.

In an interview with the publication, 33-year-old Linda narrated her journey into the Mrs. Soweto pageantry and opened up about the secrets that have kept her pushing towards her goals despite some challenges along the way.

Mrs. Soweto is a female empowerment programme with a focus on making an impactful difference in the community.

With a trailblazing campaign fuelled by passion, hard work, and unwavering dedication, she has captured the hearts and minds of supporters across the township.

“I fell in love with pageantry at an early age, as young as 5 years old, and ever since then, my love has grown stronger every day. Thank God I had a mom who supported my love for pageantry.”

Radiating confidence and enthusiasm, the bubbly beauty queen expressed her eagerness for the new experiences that await her on the provincial stage.

Despite admitting that the competition is stiff, Linda is excited to be one of the Mrs. Soweto contestants, as she noted that this is a great experience for her. She is willing to fully experience it and take her best shot at it.

“A title holder should be charismatic, alluring, and marketable.”

Nineteen finalists will compete for the coveted titles of Mrs. Soweto, First Princess, and Second Princess, all of which offer a gateway to celebrity. 

Linda expressed how she hopes to harness the promotion and enablement of active citizenry, patriotism, pride, and community work in the Soweto community before wrapping up to capture group images on the red carpet and around the beautiful garden backdrop of the venue.

The finalists will be strutting on the catwalk in casual wear, couture dresses, and evening wear during the grand finale that will take place in November with her catwalks polished to immaculateness, Linda is ready to wow on the runway like a beauty queen.

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