Mozambican culture becomes the center of attention at the Africa Day celebration

Clad in beautiful traditional attire, Siza Rethusane foundation staff and guests, which included a counsellor from the Mozambican embassy and fellows from Mozambique, filled Disoufeng pub in Meadowlands, Soweto, to its rafters to experience and celebrate Africa.

The Africa Day celebration held last weekend was hosted by the Siza Rethusane Foundation in conjunction with the department of sports, arts, and culture.

Mozambique and South Africa share many things, with the mining and industrial sectors being at the top of the list, as well as sports, but the relationship is so much bigger than that; both countries have enormous rocks as national heritage sites.

Today, the strong relationship between Mozambique and South Africa is marked by high levels of mining expertise and investment, including in the critical minerals that are necessary to electrify the two countries and the world, as well as mind-blowing science collaborations that include astronomy and the origins of the universe.

Mozambican Counsellor Sergio Macamu delivered an occasional speech in which he pointed to the strong ties and very good cooperation between Mozambique and the Republic of South Africa.

Counsellor Macamu reiterated that the government of Mozambique remains firmly committed to cooperating with the government of South Africa to strengthen both political and economic relations between the two nations. Both countries enjoy sound bilateral relations in many areas, especially in the fields of trade and industry, science and technology, minerals and energy, police, service exchanges, and sports.

The event was also enlivened by the uplifting melodies of traditional African music, further enriching the cultural experience for everyone in attendance.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to reflect on the advancements achieved by these two countries, deliberate on potential future challenges, and pay tribute to the enduring friendships cultivated over the years.

Event attendees also shared their feedback on the Mozambican food and music that, according to them, stole the show.

One of the visitors, Justice Manyala, said Mozambican food was similar to South African food in spices and cuisine, showing a strong connection between the two nations.

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