Will the ANC form a national coalition with the DA? 

South African citizens will have to wait until 18:00 on June 6, 2024, for a briefing by the ANC. The ANC’s National Executive Committee met to discuss the national coalition and to chatter about a new way forward for the country. This comes as the ANC lost its majority at the 2024 National Elections.

The ANC’s SG, Fikile Mbalula, says “the closing address will be open to the media, and we will hear from President Ramaphosa as to what is decided by the national executive committee.”

There’ve been media reports about the alleged coalition government between the ANC and DA. This has created internal challenges for the ANC, with some leaders in the ANC saying that the ANC can’t go into coalition with the DA. Lindiwe Sisulu said in the interview that the ANC and DA are different in their ideologies. She adds that in 1994, there was a coalition government between the ANC, National Party (NP), and IFP.

Sisulu cites that “the former president of the country, FW De Klerk, left the coalition, citing that the NP doesn’t serve its constituents.”

Professor Andre Duwenage says, “We haven’t had good economic growth for the past decade.”

He adds that “you must create an environment of stability; you must have infrastructure efficiency, low taxes, and an environment that people will like to invest in because the state can’t create jobs; the jobs must be created outside the framework of the state.” Mr. Duwenage cites that the better the coalition is between the ANC and the DA, this will create an environment of reconciliation amongst groups, and the ANC will go with the DA.

Sphamandla Mhlongo from the Democracy Development Program says, “I don’t see why an ANC, EFF, and IFP coalition would be wrong for this country. It is important in the ways in which we think about it that we don’t only prioritise business; an ANC and DA coalition might not work long-term.” 

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