IEC admits to the voting challenges

Voting results have been trickling in at various results center’s across the country. Both South African citizens and politicians are glued to the screens, watching and reflecting on the results. 

2024 is our 1994 This has been the slogan throughout the election season. Do the results reflect your 1994? How does your 1994 look?

This year’s elections have been marred with a litany of challenges for the IEC, from allegations of rigging, of which the IEC denied these allegations, to IEC materials being in the wrong hands, to voters turning back from voting stations due to a bad system by the IEC, to people waiting more than four hours in the queue before casting their vote.

Amanda De Lange from Freedom Front Plus says, “The IEC’s system is getting heavy, and we did warn about it a number of years ago; we said it’s going to get complicated and costly.”

Thomas Nkani MK’s provincial coordinator says “there were problems with the queue’s and attitude of some IEC officials.”

Thomas further says, “They’ve logged a complaint against an IEC officer who refused to give the result slip; we don’t know where he took the ballot; the case has been open by our members in that voting district as MK; we were not treated fairly from the beginning.

The IEC has admitted to facing challenges in some voting center’s across the country.

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