The unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in South Africa is a huge concern and we can’t
leave everything to the government, we have a part to play, its either
you are a problem or a solution we at Guardian Report choose to be the
solution and hence we have these CSI projects that will deal with the
challenges we have.

One thing that we have seen, in order for a person to succeed you need
to create an eco-system that puts them in a position to succeed. Through
relationships we are establishing it will create the eco-system that is
needed to succeed.
We have partnered with companies that deal with the following


Cooperatives Education

Marketing and Branding




After one has completed the workshops they are required to look at
problems or challenges where they reside and come up with solutions that
will translate into an income. Packed with the knowledge they will be
able to identify a problem and think critically in finding a solution to
their problems.

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