The DA Federal Executive has suspended Renaldo Gouws, the newly appointed DA member of Parliament

A video dates back 16 years ago where Renaldo was using the “N” and “K” words while talking about un-aliving (un-aliving is a slang term that refers to death, especially suicide) resurfaced on social media earlier this week. Mr. Gouws claimed that this might be AI or a deep fake because he has no memory of doing this video.

On the first video that resurfaced, Gouws rant about how the reverse apartheid was discriminating against white people. The video went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter), where people showed their anger, and a petition was created for Renaldo Gouws to be removed as a member of parliament.

Leader of the DA John Steenhuisen said on the day of the inauguration, “What Renaldo said was 16 years ago, when he was young and irresponsible.”

In the second video, Renaldo said, “”Kill the f***ing k*****s, kill all the f***ing n*****s. That’s all I’ve got to say: Kill all the f***ing k*****s, kill all the f***ing n*****s,” he said in 2010.

The DA Federal has established that the video is in fact genuine and not fake; therefore, the DA suspended Mr. Gouws with immediate effect while he faces disciplinary charges before the party’s Federal Legal Commission. 

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