Dr. Umar Johnson in Soweto talking to Soweto Business Access

Dr. Umar Johnson says we need to encourage African entrepreneurship because without black entrepreneurship, our people will have no way to feed themselves.

He was speaking to Soweto Business Leaders in Dlamini one at Herooose Center, welcomed by Mphuthi Mphuthi of Soweto Business Access.
According to statistics SA, the unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 32.9%, one of the highest in the world. Dr. Umar says that “people in South Africa have many degrees but cannot find jobs,” and he goes on to say that only through entrepreneurship will a true revolution get off the ground.

Dr. Johnson is in the country for International Africa Week to talk about township economies, the African diaspora, intra-African trade and strengthening the African economy. The conference is organized by Amandla Omnotho, founded by Gugu Xaba. Amandla Omnotho is an entrepreneurship and economic development organization for people in townships and rural areas. The organization trains entrepreneurs and raises funds for them and open markets locally and internationally.

Mr. Xaba says, “The main core of our work is to challenge Black people to do better, especially in the area of economic development.” Mr. Mphuthi looks forward to the three-way partnership between the townships, American experts and partners on the African continent. American experts will provide skills and knowledge to township entrepreneurs.

Mphuthi goes on to say that Mr. Xolani Qubeka has been tasked with strengthening ties between township and African American businesses, and Mr. Bobby Mabe, an engineer by trade, will focus on artisan development programs.

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